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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Still no city water so, working in pajamas

Everything is ready at work for the utility company to inspect and turn on the city water but, they are taking their time and not hurrying.

All this week is Home Office time. So far, it seems to be working out therefore, I cannot complain. I didn't even have to go as far as the studio. Being home is nice!

I just ordered some groceries online and I am all set till Sunday. Some things will last longer but they are mostly drinks and staples that are meant to last longer.

I am trying to drink as little coke as possible so, I am brewing tea in the fridge. Sometimes, I drink it as it is, sometimes I pour in a little apple juice or some sort of sugary ice tea to make it taste a bit better.

I had to use up some tomato sauce and anchovies so, I made pasta for dinner tonight. The next four days will be healthier with salmon, eggs, grains and lots of salad.


  1. It sounds like you are leading a very no-stress life right now. I liked working from home when I did so. A friend could call and ask me to go to lunch or whatever, and I could form my day to fit my desires, not have to conform to work hours and be stuck in an office. I did not mind working late or getting up early to work in a nightgown and without brushing me teeth. Then, I could eat and dress or not. It was my own business!

    1. It is comfortable being home but, this week is actually very stressful. The partner company we do business with is closing their quarter and they are trying to close very aggressive sales targets which means dipping into our portion of money. We keep fighting each other and getting all worked up. Looking forward to next week actually.