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Thursday, January 18, 2018


Yesterday, my boss got paid for the sale of the company and signed the final contract. The celebration in the evening was at Zuma. It was bittersweet for me.

The venture capital employees, their lawyers, my ex-boss (whom I consider a brother from now on), his financial consultant, his three lawyers and I was there along with the new boss and the new CFO. I and my boss  managed to sit next to each other. He shared little tidbits from his day and we had good laughs. He kept giving me very valuable key points. I guess the rest of the people who did not know us well enough, finally  understood the strong bond between us.

The food was superb but I doubt that I would go there out of my own budget unless it is a very special occasion. So expensive!

I am 51 and I was the oldest person at that dinner table. I feel old!

Since we all live in the same neighborhood and since, I do not drink much at all, I drove both my old and new bosses to our office to pick up their cars. (our office is in the same neighborhood that we live). The head of the venture capital company kept telling me my cargo was too precious so, I should be careful. I told him, I intended to kidnap them both and ask for hefty ransoms. Lol!

Today they packed the ex-boss' personal belongings and it was a sad look. That office will never be the same without him.

Well, it is the end of an era for sure...


  1. The restaurant looks very expensive. I read and looked around the site.

    As for being old, you exude wisdom. And, since they see how the old boss views you, you are doing okay.

    You needed a sign that said, "Bosses on Board." I always thought that the people with "Baby on Board" must think others would crash into them willy nilly but were safe with a baby. That is funny about the ransom.

    The new boss is your brother? I didn't realize that. I can tell you are really sad your old boss is going or, rather, gone.

    What happened about the contract that put you at risk?

    1. Oh no Linda! The new boss is not my brother. I consider the old one now my brother. Sort of an adopted brother. Lol!

    2. I changed my wording. It is confusing.