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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Busy Bee

I have been very busy lately. I escaped to Ankara today both to concentrate on some work and to be with mom over the weekend. I talk to her every day but, it has been almost two months since we were together last time. I tried convincing her to come with me back to Istanbul but, she is one stubborn mom. May be next time.

My sister and BIL will also come early Saturday morning and they would like to look at an apartment for sale. They want me to go see the place too. I will pick them up from the airport.

I will also go visit a childhood friend of mine whose dad just passed away. He was my father's best friend but managed to live 24 years longer than him. He was also 7 years older than my dad. Poor dad! I am going to be 51 this June and I now realize how early he died. He was only 54!

I gotta go back to work now.


  1. Your father did die early. My mother died at 71, the age I am now. And, daddy died at 77, still young in my estimation.

  2. Isn't it strange to be as "old" as our parents were when they died? My dad was just 50 when he died, 37 years ago. I, too, turn 51 this year, so it's a very surreal feeling to officially be older than him. Condolences to your friend on his/her loss xx

    1. It is strange. I sometimes joke about it saying that İf I live past his age, when (and if ever) we get back together, he will have to do as I say, since I will be older :)