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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Today I came to work and the GM asked me to implement a new procedure. Normally, I would tell him all the possible negative side effects of implementing such a procedure but, I forced myself to keep my mouth shut. Wrote an e-mail to the staff and started the procedure.

Up until now, I have shared my experience several times but, he mostly did not take my advice. I have done what I have done for 30 years and have come accross the same issues at several different companies. I have been wrong. I have made mistakes. I have learnt the proper way of doing things and I have accumulated all this experience. I pay attention to minute details and think ahead. I never take decisions on a whim because I now know better.

I offered experience, they prefer learning the hard way, so be it.

For the first time in a long while, I am feeling peaceful and am in a mood to let go. Today I had someone calculate my normal severance if I had been let go so, I have that information to asses the offer they will put on the table.

I will also ask to keep my laptop and my health insurance policy which has been just renewed till next renewal time.

As I asses the situation for doing part-time work for them, I have some doubts such as the following:

-  The person who will replace me might be uncomfortable.
-  The people who worked for me all this time may keep on coming to me creatig mistrust on the newcomer's part. I want the new person to understand and appreciate what used to be "my people" and establish a good working relationship. So, I should not be the obstacle
-  The tasks they will want me to do may not be all that interesting to me.

So, I have decided to give them a daily rate and take it from there. I do not want to commit to much else.

I just need to keep myself motivated till the end so that I can set a good example for the people who work for me.

This is most probably my last full-time job and I am glad I accepted the offer of my ex-boss and worked with him. I met really nice young people and this has become the 3rd longest job I ever had.

Feeling truly peaceful...


  1. Happy for you if you have found peace - there may be bumps but knowing is better than not knowing. Definitely charge them a day rate if they ask you to work instead of partial hours, why ruin your whole day too

    1. I have mixed feelings but mostly they are positive. You are so right about knowing.

  2. Sounds as though you have thought things out really well - and it is very thoughtful of you to take the new person into account. Before my last job ended I had done the same thing - offered my opinion/advice if asked (based on many years experience) but if not asked or advice ignored, then I simply carried on as instructed. I just didn't have the energy to fight it anymore and it was really so much easier on my nerves! Good luck with everything.

  3. The best thing to have is peace. This has been coming for a while, and you have thought things through and made plans for this. I think a day rate is best for you.

  4. sounds like a good way to approach it - you sound relieved. I hope you get a good offer.