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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Meal Planning

Mom and I went overboard shopping for veggies last week so, we must plan carefully not to waste anything. I already portioned out some cooked veggies and froze them.

Tonight, I am making a Turkey Pot Pie with a single crust on top. It will be served with a green salad. I like to buy the mixed greens from the grocery store. The bag makes 5-6 big salads. I also like to add corn, red beet pickles, bell peppers, capers or anything else I fancy to add to the salads. If the salad is going to be a meal by itself, I add some protein such as Turkey Breast, low-fat cheeses or beans.

I do not use store bought salad dressings. I use pomegranate sour and extra virgin olive oil. Sometimes I use lemon juice instead of pomegranate sour.

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  1. Hi T'Pol - thanks for your note yesterday. I'm fine, just...uninspired...to blog at the moment, although I want to. Just busy thinking and considering and working. I'll get an update up soon. Thank you for checking in, though - much appreciated! xx