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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Semi-busy day

Today is my last day at home for at least two weeks so, I decided to take care of some stuff and enjoy it as much as I could.

I vacuumed the entire apartment in the morning, folded all the laundry, had a light lunch and washed one last load of laundry. Then I went for a short walk, bought a book by Paul Auster and had a Grande Misto at Starbucks. I walked back home and worked on my budget and future forecasts, long term goals and etc. That is a never ending task:)

Now I need to pack my suitcase, put away some stuff in my bedroom and the washed dishes. I also need to work on something work related. Dinner will be a big, rich salad since I need to use up all salad material. The dirty dishes in the sink will go into the washer, get washed and I will be all set for tomorrow's bus ride.

One of my mom's cousins is terribly sick and is hospitalized due to a heavy case of pneumonia. Her sisters went to Ankara to be with her. Mom and sis visited them all and took the two cousins who were visiting out for lunch. They had a good time especially given that the sick cousin is doing much better. My sister dropped everyone off and was on her merry way home when I talked to her.

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