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Monday, March 10, 2014

Had no winter here this year...

We had normal winters during the last three years but this year it has been extremely dry. Summer will be a difficult time because the water supplies are alarmingly low. I am thinking of ways to stock water at home. I will be buying 5 lt. bottles of drinking water and as I consume them I will fill the bottles with tap water to use for dumping in the toilet and to take "showers" should there be a water shortage. I always keep more than 30 liters of drinking water at home.

I have already bought 4 bottles like that but, I didn't have time to consume and replace them with tap water yet. On Wednesday, I shall be going home for a few days and I will be buying some more 5 lt. bottles. I have already started keeping a bucket full of tap water in the bathroom. When I turn on the shower, I need to have it run for a while to get hot water so, I put the bucket till it gets warm and use that water for the toilet.

Northern American Continent had tons of snow this year and we haven't had any. I know many American and Canadian bloggers who are fed up with so much snow but, I think that is a blessing. We shall be faced with a major drought. Everybody is hoping to get some good rain during the spring but that doesn't really help. Snow is what keeps the water supply at a good level.

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