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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some bloggers...

I am a PF blog junkie. I am always looking for new blogs to read about frugal ways, saving money, debt reduction and etc.

I usually check out the blog rolls of my favorite bloggers and sometimes I get hooked to some of these blogs. However, sometimes I stumble upon some blogs that make me puzzled at the interesting thought processes of the bloggers. That is to put it nicely...

I know people who budget, who keep track of every penny, who do not waste food, who shop wisely, who cook at home regularly, who brown bag lunches and snacks to work, who work more than one job to reduce debt and am truly inspired by their resourcefulness. It is both a joy and a learning experience reading their blogs.

There are others who keep complaining about debt, credit cards, loans and etc. and who still cannot give up their lavish life styles and who keep making real bad choices. I know it sounds like I am being judgemental and I may be. Getting rid of debt or trying to live within one's means or saving money for some big ticket item... These all require careful budgeting, making sacrifices, working hard, making do or doing without. Throwing expensive parties for toddlers who will never remember whether their first birthday was catered or homemade, leasing brand new cars, eating out excessively and participating in expensive events are all choices and I think they are bad choices.

I am not saying that we should deprive ourselves of every single joy in life while paying down debt. Differentiating between wants and needs is important. Determining what is important is not rocket science. Debt is not always the product of a careless and stupid life style. Unexpected things may happen, health issues may hit us, someone in the family may be in a real bad situation and we may find ourselves in debt. I do not consider mortgage bad debt because apparently, it is a way of life in the West and lately over here too. I do not know about student loans. Reading many bloggers, I am not sure if all student loans are worth it.

Of course we need to replace things that break down which are beyond their economical lives, of course we must take care of our health and help others who are in really dire situations.

I think I like to read people who make smart choices, who stretch their dollars and who are determined to get rid of debt or save for something for later. They are truly inspirational. I just cannot stand the bloggers who constantly complain and yet do not act wisely. So, I just do not read them.


  1. Oh gosh I hope I fall in the save for it and try not to complain bracket....Im trying I swear!

    How is your mom feeling by the way. Mom is almost 100 percent and will be able to bend on Thursday to tie her shoes so we are waiting for that..

    I agree with what you say though I like to learn from bloggers Oh and did you ever check out zappos?

    1. J udy you are an inspiration! Truly! I wish all the best for you because I know how hard you are trying. I love reading your blog. I am glad your mom fully recovered. My mom is going in for the second eye tomorrow.

      I did check out Zappos but they do not ship to Turkey. I checked Amazon and I will probably order through Amazon. I need to find a way to work that in my budget though. There are New Balance shoes for Plantar Fasciitis too. Since they are sold in Turkey I may get NB instead of the Danskos for the time being

  2. Oh, I do agree with you. Have you ever read my blog? My life is hard and very tight as far as money goes. Sometimes, I think the people who live lavishly in the name of frugality are really bragging.

    1. Hi Linda I will add your blog to my blogroll. I agree with you on the bragging thing. Wish you the best!