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Monday, August 3, 2015

Vacation Check-List!

I am very excited about my upcoming vacation in the US. It is going to be a 20-day trip so, I must make sure that I will take what I will need; no more no less. I am planning to shop in the U.S. therefore, I should be able to have ample space in my two pieces of luggage. I will have opportunities to do laundry so, I really do not need too many things.

I am planing to take a giant duffel bag along with a large suitcase. I am assuming the suitcase will fit in the duffel bag so, on the way to the U.S., I will not have to pay for extra luggage.  I do not have a carry-on. I may end up buying one from the U.S.

Here is my Check-List:

To wear on the plane:
Sweat pants
Athletic Shoes

Credit Cards (2)
Cash Card (1)
Presciption Medicine to last for 20 days plus extras just in case
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Hair Brush
Wet Tissue Pack
Travel size Hair Spray
Tablet PC and charger
Two phones and charger
Outlet connector for US
A Shawl
Small notebook and a pen

Sunglasses and a hat
Bath sponge
Couple of emery boards
2 pairs of pants
2-3 Shirts
Lightweight cardigan
Bathing Suits (2)
Peshtemals (Hamam Towels to use as towels or at the beach)
Beach Dress
Underwear and socks (old ones will be tossed)
A roll of small baggies and two plastic containers to pack liquid purchases.

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  1. You sounds very organized! Have a great trip and fun shopping...