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Friday, January 27, 2017

Hibernate or not to hibernate...

I have been feeling sluggish lately. It must be the winter blues. The weather has been overcast, dreary for a very long time. 

I feel like I would like to crawl into a cave and snuggle with a bear to hibernate. 

This weekend, I am planning to dye my hair, do my nails and just try to be active all through the weekend. If I stay in bed thinking that I need to rest a lot, I never get that rest and feel even worse on Monday.

I have also promised myself to be out and about no matter what the weather will be like, at least for a whole hour. A walk by the seaside seems most appealing.

So, I will hopefully keep my blood pumping and shake this feeling over the weekend.

There are a lot of things at home to sort out and re-arrange. I am hoping to be able to do at least some of those things. 

What do you do to shake of the winter blues?

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  1. No sun here since Wednesday the 18th, not looking good until next weekend perhaps. I am still unpacking my new apartment. I try to break it up, set up a timer for 15 minutes, then decide to continue on or do something else for the next 15 minutes. I try to build a reward for myself in there somewhere too - curling up with a book, or crochet or cross-stitch project.