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Sunday, August 6, 2017

I think I will Melt Away

It is brutally hot despite the breeze out there. I am sweating as I sit watching TV. All windows are open.

It is almost 7 p.m. as I type this and the weather web site says it is 32 degrees Centigrade, (89 degrees Fahrenheit) with 74% humidity. I have a feeling that they are lying about the humidity.

Yesterday night, I had a terrible time falling asleep. My apartment never gets this warm so, I never needed an A/C. The studio gets very hot so there is a stupid old A/C. I think, I am going to move to the studio and sleep there tonight.

I haven't been at the studio for the last ten days since I had gone to Ankara and then came back and worked from home. I need to pack up some food items and some clothing items so, I better get started.

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  1. That is very hot for that time of day. I would be melting, too. I hope the ac gives you some relief. At ten o'clock last night, it was 63 degrees, I think or something like that. For the last week, we have been given a bit of respite from the sweltering weather.