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Sunday, January 21, 2018

New Budget

Now that I know my new salary, I can work on my new budget.

The theme of this year is "Save! Save! Save!"

I do not know if I will like to work with the new folks so, while I can earn a good deal of money, the logical thing is to stash it.

This year;
- My planned vacations will be kept modest.

- I will not be making any major purchases for my home with the exception of fixing some water damage on my two walls. There is a very small budget for home improvement and that's it. I spoke to an architect friend and she thinks she can help me in identifying the true problem so that she can suggest a proper contractor who will do a good job.

- I will most likely need to buy a couple of pairs of pants in the summer. Other than those, I will not need any major wardrobe improvement. Small amount set aside just in case.

- I will give up the studio when the rental contract is up which is in August. I have decided that I am not comfortable there. It is very noisy at night and most likely adds to my insomnia problem. I miss my home and I want to sleep in my own bed. I will have to get up earlier and most likely hit a good deal of traffic in the morning but, we shall see. After August, I can assume it is all temporary. Can I?

Today I had coffee with my friend who is a co-owner of the consultancy company I used to work for. It looks like there is always an open door for me over there. The pay is not good but for a part-time thing, I can get by. Anyway, that is Plan B.

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  1. I would not think that saving on driving would be worth losing sleep. Maybe you can look for something quieter in the meantime. Whatever happens, I would get rid of that burden. Not getting proper sleep is one reason people gain weight or cannot lose it. It sounds like your plans and contingency plans are solid.