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Friday, December 8, 2017

Mood Swings

I have terrible mood swings these days. Yes, I am a Gemini, yes my company is going through a transition, yes I have lost a colleague a few weeks ago and yes I am going through menopause...

Ummm, I guess I have enough reasons for mood swings.

After I finish the painting job I have on hand, I think, I will take up some knitting. I am not a great knitter but that is not the point.

For those over 50, please let me know any tips you might have for mood swings.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Chalk Paint II

Last weekend I tried my hand in painting two small folding coffee tables before attacking the larger piece. Below are the before and after pictures but I haven't waxed them yet. The color is called Versailles and it is not as white as it looks. It has a yellow-greenish tint to it. Once waxed, I think it will look just a bit darker.

I applied two coats of paint and I love the fact that, nothing needs any prep work such as sanding.

I will share better and final pictures hopefully this weekend. So far, I am happy with the result. I just do not know how the large TV unit will turn up.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Chalk Paint

I have a TV stand bought way back in 1998 that I was planning to replace but, I could not find anyting to replace it at my price range. Then I came across Chalk Paint. It apparently clings to many surfaces and seems like a pretty good solution to my problem.I like the TV stand but some of it's finish is scraped over time and since it is not made of good wood, other paints will not work.

I have decided to try my hand in painting this TV stand and two small folding coffee tables. If I can manage it, I will be able to save a significant amount of money.

I like the TV stand but some of it's finish is scraped over time and since it is not made of good wood, other paints will not work.

I am not a handy person but I have watched some videos and decided to try. I will paint one of the coffee tables first to see if I can do it well enough before jumping in to paint the large TV stand.

Some friends of mine are doing a really great job transforming their furniture and I always envied their talent. Wish me luck. I will share photos.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Year New Budget

I use an excel file with many sheets dedicated to different aspects of my budget. One sheet shows my monthly income and expenses as my budget. Another sheet contains a graph with my Net Worth. Another one is dedicated to mid and long-term unavoidable expenses which I need to forecast such as renovations around my house, a new car and etc.

I also keep a lot of my personal info on this excel file and that is why it has a strong password.

Now, it is that time of the year again when I start working on my next year's budget. I will up all the expenses since we are being hit by double digit inflation for the last year and the Government is ruthlessly upping the taxes because they manage the resources very poorly. Such idiots!

I am also expecting a salary increase but we shall see. Before I see it in my bank account, I am not counting on it. 

My mom is refusing to go abroad for a vacation. She says she is getting very tired and she cannot handle long flights anymore. Therefore, I am planning two vacations this year. One with her and one alone. I do not know where we shall go together just yet but, I would like to go to Scotland by myself.

Since I am not comfortable driving on the left side of the road, I will not rent a car. I want to stay in small towns; the kind you see in Midsomer Murders. 

Other than getting a couple of things fixed and buying two TV chairs, I am not planning any expenses at home because I do not spend much time there.

I started looking at my budget and I will tweak it here and there till the end of the year.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

And The Change Starts This Week

Today, the Representatives of ACME Capital will come to meet the team and answer their questions.

I talked to the guy who will be sitting in at the new board of directors yesterday to give him clues about what the people may be expecting and what they are uncomfortable about. Gave him hints as to what he needs to mention. The sooner he thinks he can depend on me as a catalyst in this change process, the better it will be to work together.

He and I will have a meeting next week to go over my evaluation. He said since my competency level was beyond the expectation there is not much to work on there. However, you may remember that my EQ turned out to be lower than the normal distribution. So, he offered that if I would be willing to participate in coaching sessions, they will pay for them and I said why not?

Let's see if I can "improve" my EQ. Lol! I see nothing wrong with being very analytical just like Bones or Mr. Spock but, I do not have a problem receiving some coaching either. EQ is a personality trait not a competence item so, I am not sure if I can improve especially after 50. The reason why I accepted coaching was to make sure I was not rejecting what is considered a positive offer on their side.

So, today the team will hear about things from the reps of the Buyer organization.

I am sure they are as nervous as we are. God help us all for a smooth transition.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Boss Said

This is the translation of my boss' announcement to the people who weren't at the office:

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you that, yesterday I signed an agreement to transfer all my shares in the company to ACME Venture Capital.

Why? Because, the serious illness I had 3 years ago forced me to try to stay away from stressful situations. That is why Miss T'Pol has joined us, and has taken some of my responsibilities over and thus, I was able to cut my working hours as you may have noticed. In addition, switching off my phone and staying away from e-mail from time to time and taking long vacations were other precautions I have taken to keep away from stress and to avoid the recurrence of my illness.

I have taken this decision for two reasons. First, whatever I did, I could not learn to work without stress. I tried but I guess I cannot change that much. Second, I was anxious that my difficulties would slow down the progress of our company. I could not drive an organization which must move rapidly while working the way I was and that would be unfair to all of you.

As a result, I will be with you till the end of this year or till the end of January 2018. Our current operations and team will stay the same and even get larger.

On this strong foundation ACME will invest in "X", "Y" and "Z" to take our company to a new level.

I am sure there is no need to say that my door is open for all your questions.

I hope this will bring luck and prosperity to all of us.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Going Once, Going Twice... Gone! It's Official. We are SOLD!

It has been an interesting, exciting, somewhat stressful and busy process since September. Finally, our boss reached an agreement to sell the company to a venture capital company.

After the closing, he called me at night and told me that the agreement was finalized. I asked him if he was comfortable and satisfied with his decision and he said "yes" without hesitation. So, that is a great thing.

I will miss him dearly as I practically consider him my brother but, I have positive feelings nonetheless. I would like to see this company grow. There is so much potential but, there are also too many risks for just one private owner.

Today, he will make the announcement to the staff and next week the new team will come here to answer all the questions our staff might have. After the Q&A Session we shall go some place to "celebrate" this.

I am glad that the uncertainty is over. The change that is awaiting us is not worrying me. I know I can handle change one way or the other.

From now on, I will be the catalyst between the staff and the new management. I will be answering the staff's questions, helping them get over their anxieties and showing them that business will be as usual. I will also hold the hands of the newcomers and make their integration a smooth one. If I keep a positive attitude about this change and act accordingly, I think it will be so much easier for the others too. If the new CEO or any other management member says or does something which would normally make me mad, I should keep calm and make sure they understand that I am here to help and support them. Being the oldest person on board with 30 years of experience under my belt, I think I should become the trusted advisor of everyone.

As I am typing this, my boss sent me the memo he drafted to share with the rest of the staff who will not be here to listen to the announcement. He asked my feedback. It was beautifully written. Open and honest. I should translate it and share it here.

I wish and hope that this will mark the beginning of a new and exciting new journey.