Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First Day, New Job-3

My first day at my new job was very nice. Everybody is younger than I am so, it is easy for me to introduce myself as an advisor/consultant with significant experience.

I asked for the current contracts and started looking at them to familiarize myself with the business. Noticed some things that can be improved.

I also attended a weekly status meeting of the Sales Department and got quiet a bit of info about the customer and their sales counterparts.

So far so good...

Thanks to all the well-wishers out there!

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Job Offer, New Job-2

I have been working part-time since September 2012. It was not easy to adjust to a fluctuating pay but, I was able to manage it due to my passive income. Recently, I was not feeling very comfortable about working with the team anymore. There has been some issues that affected my motivation. I started questioning my decision to work part-time as a consultant.

I like the flexibility, meeting new people and the work. However, it has certain difficulties such as fluctuating pay and the constant anxiety about new projects. I think I do not have a big enough nest egg to feel very secure. I own two apartments free and clear, have a small passive income and yet I am only 47.

A couple of my old colleagues asked if we could go into consulting business together and suggested we do some brainstorming. Despite my second thoughts about consulting, I decided to give it a shot with my friends. That is something I will continue on the side.

While all these were happening, someone I had done business in the past asked to re-connect. This is a very smart young man who is a sizeable business owner. We had done business in the past and started a habit of having a cup of coffee once or twice a year even our paths diverged. I was happy to re-connect and we chatted for quiet a while few weeks ago over a cup of coffee. He had been diagnosed with a bad illness and have been through some rough patches and he and his wife had a baby boy. So, he started having some anxiety issues about the future. You know my sister has been through some rough time too so, we established a new bond. He asked me my opinion on how to take his business to a new level. We decided to get together once again so that I could get to know his business a little better.

He invited me over to his office a couple of weeks ago and we had another long conversation. He asked me if I would like to work with him. That was quiet unexpected. I said I would consider it but I could start part-time since I still have some consultancy obligations.

When he sent me his offer. I was really surprised at his generosity. So, after I considered it for a couple of hours, I accepted to start working with him for three days a week starting this week. My only request was to take a week off in May for my and mom's yearly check-ups and 3 weeks off in August-September for an already planned vacation in the US.

This is still too good to be true so I am praying, it is not a dream and I will be happy here.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wish me luck please! New Job-1

I unexpectedly got a job offer from someone I have known for a long time. We used to do business in the past and after we went our separate ways, every once in a while we communicated and had a cup of coffee.

It has been quite some time since I had seen him. We met a couple of times, then he offered me a job. It is an offer that I could not refuse. For the first few months I will work only three days a week just to see if we can work this out. I have been away from the IT industry for a long time so, I do not know how much value I can bring to his business.

So, please please wish me luck! I really would like this to work out and become a full-time job by September and would like to work for a long time.

I am excited!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

One Item off my TO DO LIST

I took care of the shoes. I even cleared out a whole shelf for mom. She can put 6 pairs in there.

Yay me!

May be I will attack the medicine drawer today. It is something I can do while watching TV and chatting with mom.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

TO DO LIST... The question is: Who's gonna do all this?

Here is my To Do List:

- Take down all the shoes, clean and put away winter boots and shoes, get rid of the ones no longer worn.  DONE!
- Take an inventory of unnecessary pots and pans and take them to a charity.
- Take an inventory of towels and linens, put away old ones to be taken to a charity.
- Go through the closets, put away winter stuff and bring out seasonal items. Clean up the closets.
- Go through the books and decide which will be given away, which will be kept.
- Go through work-related material and toss away what is not needed.
- Re-organize the medicine drawer
- Re-organize underwear and sock drawers
- Organize the china cabinet

OK... Just looking at this list, I feel exhausted. Need a nap... Now.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Project

I haven't been working for the last 6 weeks. We had some problems with our Project Manager and the Customer expressed their dissatisfaction with his contribution. We got real upset because my other team-mate and I had been doing real well and had started enjoying the project.

When the Project Manager got back to us regarding what has happened, I told him that we had lost a lot of reputation with the Customer and that it was none of my fault and I would have to withdraw from the project. After all, why go somewhere you are clearly not wanted? My team-mate did the same and actually more. He pretty much burnt the bridges with the Project Manager and I do not think they will be working ever again.

Long story short, there is a new project which will require me working 2-3 days a week. I hope this one will be successful. Although, I missed the income, I was glad I could spend some time with sis, mom and BIL. I also was able to rest because all that driving and long hours at work five days a week was draining me. I like to work part time.

Anyway, tomorrow is my first day on the new project so, wish me luck!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


A friend of my sister suggested her to see another doctor. Her own (now previous) doctor was also suggested by one of her doctor friends and is known to be very good in his area of expertise. However, he was a bit distant and did not provide much needed details for her that made her anxious. He was cool about the problem but was not very reassuring. Plus, everything we read on the Internet was pretty bad and we almost believed she would not be able to reach 60 (she is 41 now).

Her husband told me that on several occasions he caught her crying thinking her days were numbered. This has broken my heart too.

So, when a friend of her with the same diagnosis suggested her the other doctor, she decided to give him a shot. The new doctor spent close to 40 minutes with her examining her from head to toe, looking at her lab and biopsy results and most importantly talking to her and her husband. He said that second stage meant nothing, that he still has a patient living quiet normally since 1992 when he was diagnosed at the 4th stage. He told her to become more active and maintain a healthy diet. She has been already losing weight due to eating healthy and he told her not to overdo it and feel deprived. He also told her that her high blood pressure is more of a problem than her condition. My sister laughed at that because all women on my mom's side has high blood pressure and we accept is as the family norm and a part of our lives.

My sister told me that her husband felt like getting up to hug and kiss the doctor because he was sooo upset and stressed about the possibility of losing her untimely. I think I can fly over and hug and kiss him too.

My sister will see him in two months with her lab results so that he can assess the dosage of the medicine and adjust it if necessary. She sounded wonderfully happy on the phone. She absolutely loved this new doctor. What a relief! He gave us hope and brightened our outlook of the future.

The personality of the doctor is so important for the patient to feel at ease. I am sure the other guy is excellent but he dis not speak much and was very brief in his dealings with her.