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Friday, November 24, 2017

Going Once, Going Twice... Gone! It's Official. We are SOLD!

It has been an interesting, exciting, somewhat stressful and busy process since September. Finally, our boss reached an agreement to sell the company to a venture capital company.

After the closing, he called me at night and told me that the agreement was finalized. I asked him if he was comfortable and satisfied with his decision and he said "yes" without hesitation. So, that is a great thing.

I will miss him dearly as I practically consider him my brother but, I have positive feelings nonetheless. I would like to see this company grow. There is so much potential but, there are also too many risks for just one private owner.

Today, he will make the announcement to the staff and next week the new team will come here to answer all the questions our staff might have. After the Q&A Session we shall go some place to "celebrate" this.

I am glad that the uncertainty is over. The change that is awaiting us is not worrying me. I know I can handle change one way or the other.

From now on, I will be the catalyst between the staff and the new management. I will be answering the staff's questions, helping them get over their anxieties and showing them that business will be as usual. I will also hold the hands of the newcomers and make their integration a smooth one. If I keep a positive attitude about this change and act accordingly, I think it will be so much easier for the others too. If the new CEO or any other management member says or does something which would normally make me mad, I should keep calm and make sure they understand that I am here to help and support them. Being the oldest person on board with 30 years of experience under my belt, I think I should become the trusted advisor of everyone.

As I am typing this, my boss sent me the memo he drafted to share with the rest of the staff who will not be here to listen to the announcement. He asked my feedback. It was beautifully written. Open and honest. I should translate it and share it here.

I wish and hope that this will mark the beginning of a new and exciting new journey.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite American Holiday and I love a good Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings.

Many years ago, my sister and I went to have a two-week vacation in the US. We were visiting two of my friends whom I consider family.

The first friend we visited made a Thanksgiving menu since, she knew how much I liked it. There were plenty of leftovers after the first night. While we stayed there, we ate up the rest of the TG dinner mostly at nights when we were home.

After that first week, we moved to my other friend's home. Guess what she made for dinner?

You should have seen my sister's face. My friend's husband was going to have a surgery the next day and we were there to get the kids ready for school, drop them at school to be picked up by their grandpa every day. So, there were again plenty of leftovers for mostly us to eat for dinner. My sister is not so thrilled about turkey but, at least she likes the stuffing.

I am making a turkey dinner for the New Year this year and today my sister called me to tell that she wants plenty of stuffing if she has to endure eating turkey. Lol! I will also make her favorite cinnamon rolls to ease her suffering:)


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

As we approach the final hurdles...

I think the sale of the company will be finalized this coming Friday.

I have learnt who the new CEO will be. He is someone I know for having done some business. For now, I think, I can have a good working relationship with him. He has never held the title before so, he will be very stressed I am sure. Unless he acts like a jerk because of the new position, we shall be fine. If he is smart, he should behave. If not, I will give him a piece of my mind being some years his senior.

As things need to be finalized, each day there is something that needs to be urgently taken care of. Today is another of those busy days.

Please wish us luck to get through this big change unscathed.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I have an 18 page Contract that I must read very carefully and mark inappropriate paragraphs and ask for revisions.

It is soooo boring and full of BS that I have aready typed up 2 pages of revision requests and I am on page 10. Oh boy!

I had been postponing this work but, today, it has to be finished. I am glad I am not a lawyer. I cannot imagine doing this every day for a living.

I procrastinate a lot when I have something I do not like to do. However, the logical course of action would be getting it done a.s.a.p to get it out of the way right? For instance my grandma on my mom's side absolutely hated housework. Each day, she would get up at 6 to attack all sha had to do and ususally by 9 a.m. she would have cleared off all that she had to do that day. She would then pick-up a book or a piece of sewing or knitting and relax except for meal times.

Are you a procrastinator= Or are you like my grandma?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Diet, Frugality and Stuff in General

I haven't been cooking or doing any grocery shopping for the last two months at all. I had purchased a meal plan that delivers all your meals at a certain calorie, in a box every day. It was nice at the beginning but then after a while one gets tired of eating somebody else's choices. So, after this detox that I am on till tomorrow night, I shall be preparing my meals to take to work.

I will use the lists my old dietician gave me. Although, I was able to lose a bit of weight due to the meal plan, it is not as much as I had expected. I will go back to what worked for me. It is much cheaper to follow her list and yet it is healthy and nutritious.

On Monday, I will weigh myself and then, I will weigh myself only every two weeks and keep a chart.

I will also see how much money this saves me. The meal plan was not inexpensive at all.

I want to have turkey and eggs for protein this week. I will see what I would like for a vegetable dish.

Tomorrow, I will do some cooking to last me till Wednesday night and then I will cook on Wednesday for the rest of the week. I must be very careful about my portion sizes.

After I wrote the above, I went to check my pantry and sadly noticed some items way beyond their "Use By" date. Mostly they are legumes so, I will boil them and put them outside for birds. I hate wasting food and it looks like having two residences is a problem. I noticed some condiments are also past their "Use By" dates. I do not know how Americans keep up with this stuff. They usually have giant pantries and and using everything up before anything goes bad must be difficult.

I then went grocery shopping and got these:

Turkey Leg
Cheese (2 kinds)
American Bell Peppers
6 Tangerines to snack on
Probiotic Yogurt to snack on
Organic Eggs (dozen)
Hummus w/dried tomatoes
Lemon and Ginger Tea (20-count pack)
Pumpkin Seeds to snack on
Smoked Salmon (BOGOF) Enough for 4-6 salads
Listerine Mouthwash (BOGOF)
Toothpaste (BOGOF)

All cost about USD 45 in case you are wondering.

If you have noticed that is a very low carb list. Except for breakfast, I am giving up bread. For some breakfasts, I am planning to eat eggs and cheese to avoid bread further.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Got 2 Days Off

I got two days off to pull myself together. All day yesterday, I stayed in bed and slept. Did not eat a thing until dinner time.

Now, I am on a liquid detox program for three days full of super foods. So, hopefully by Monday, I will feel energized and healthy and out of this mood.

The detox is 1200 calories per day. 5 bottles of vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose free shakes and soups.

I will also start my exercise routine again. It is cold outside and I am still coughing so, I will Walk Away the Pounds by doing the Leslie Sansone videos. They are truly excellent.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I am Tired

I am very very tired of everything. I just need a giant "Me Time" away from home, from phones, from Internet, from anything and everything I know.

Have you ever felt this way?

Of course, there is no way I can get away from it all just like that.

What to do? What to do?