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Monday, February 19, 2018

The Hair!

The friend who took the pictures told me, it actually looks better than the pictures but, I like it the way it looks. My hair is naturally a little wavy but in these pictures it is straightened and it doesn't look so great.

You may see a tiny little bit of "me" in the last picture :)

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hair Salon

I have realized that the last time I had a hair cut at a salon was back in November 2016. Not 2017, 2016!

It was a layered short cut so well done that, the hair grew out even and I did not feel the need to go to the salon. I just colored my own hair every 6-8 weeks or so, to cover the gray. Easy peasy!

However, since I have been feeling stressed out lately, I decided to go to the salon and told my hairdresser, he can do whatever he wants to except for darkening my color. So, he decided to give me a balayage. I had no idea what it was just kind of knew that it was like highlights, just subtler.

After spending four hours and about USD 100.- (I know it is a steal when compared to the US prices but, I still felt it was too much), I walked out of the salon a happy camper. My hair has never had such lighter color before and I think, it suits me since I have pretty light skin. Actually, the first week of a summer vacation is pretty embarassing. I look like a big white whale and then, my color starts to turn just a little. I don't remember having a tan ever. I need a beach vacation for 6 weeks before I can get a tan. Who is that lucky?

I have been told not to wash my hair till Tuesday morning. He apparently gave my hair some special treatment after the coloring. This prosedure is not done very close to your roots, so I have been told, it is safer than the highlights.

Perhaps it was time for me to go dirty blondish at the age of 51, ha!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Stupid and Sleepy Weekend

I slept in on Saturday. I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee late in the afternoon. I hurried out to get to the tailor to drop a pair of pants for hemming before heading to the coffee shop we were supposed to meet.

Since I was rushing, I was not paying attention to the sidewalk and my bumper got caught. As I tried pulling away, I managed to break the bumper. Yeah! I quickly called my friend and cancelled our get together. I really wanted to see her but, it wasn't meant to be.

I took pictures and called the Fleet Company (I am driving a company car) and they told me they need a police report. I thought the police would not come for such a minor issue but luckily they did in less than an hour. They gave me an alcohol test at 3 p.m. in the afternoon! (I guess some people can be drunk at that hour of the day). They quickly jotted down the report and told me to get it from a police station on Sunday.

30 minutes later a tow-truck came and took the car. It was a minor issue but, the broken part was going to rub on the tire so, I did not want to drive the car.

By the time they took the car away, it was too late for the Fleet Company to bring me a loaner. I had to go to the airport closer to me to pick it up. No big deal really.

Other than this, I cooked a couple of dishes for the week and spent every single moment dozing off in fron of the TV.

Today, the company driver went to get the report and the Fleet Company started the repairs already. It was such a stupid mistake on my part but, it is covered by insurance and this is the first such thing I did since early 90's. Better than a real accident thank God.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


About 10 days ago, a bunch of idiots working on a construction project about half a mile from my office drilled and busted the sewage pipe and poured down concrete. Before anyone realized what was happenning, the sewage backed up and started filling our garden that is lower than the street level.

Basically people's s.it, is now sitting in our garden. The smell is mighty horrid, the garden looks like a swamp and the Landlord refuses to help. So, we decided to evacuate as soon as possible and started looking for probable office spaces. Needless to say, we will be suing the Landlord.

Our Office Assistant and I have visited several places with a realtor and came up with 3 alternatives. Tomorrow, we shall be showing those places to the CEO, CFO and the architect to decide which will serve our purposes best.

In any case, we cannot be out of this place before late April.

The ex-boss is glad, he barely escaped this hellhole. We always had small issue with the electricity and the infrastructure but the beauty of our garden and the peaceful location made it worth staying over here.

Now, we will be moving to a plaza type of office space with a Mall or very close to one and life will be different.

I am sure, the Mall will have a terrible effect on most of our staff's finances but they have to grow up and manage their money.

That's why I have been MIA lately. Too much stress... I am trying to cope with it by seeing my friends after work and during the weekend. I miss my mom but, do not have the time to go to Ankara these days. Let me sign off for now and call mom to see how she is doing.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Keep Asking: Is this a need or is this a want?

Since the theme of this year is SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!, I must constantly remind myself whether something I want is a real need or not.

For instance, I have an old rug in the kitchen. It doesn't look bad. Only I know how old it is. Besides, if I did not have that rug, do I really need one in the kitchen? Not really. So, that has been crossed from my list.

Have I ever told you about that list of mine? I don't think so.

Whenever I feel like I must buy something, I put it on a list. Once or twice every week, I visit that list and extract my weekly grocery shopping items. So, you see it is more of a catch all list.

I want a pair of nice Caterpillar boots. The boots I currently have, started to look shabby and although I think, they will survive this winter, I will need new boots next year. So, for now, I have put the boots on my list and noted the current price. When I go to my primary residence next week, I will see if there are other boots that I can wear so that I can postpone this purchase. I may have some less worn boots but for a while I could not wear them. I had some pain issues and I relied solely on New Balance Athletic shoes and the boots that I currently wear. My problems are gone and I may try to go back to wearing my old footwear to see if the problems will come back or not. If it does, there is motivation to purge right there!

I was thinking of getting a new bedspread for the bed in my primary home but, since I will give up the studio in the summer, I will end up with extra bedspreads anyway. Pooof! No more a need. Just got crossed off my list.

I was at IKEA yesterday. Since the weather was bad, I just wanted to stretch my legs. I really did not need anything to buy except for ziplock baggies. Meanwhile, on my need list, I had some hand towels. I was looking for the  cheap white kind which can be bleached and this has been a long time need but I simply refused to pay more than a certain amount for them. I found towels that were just what I wanted and the price was very close to what I would be willing to pay. Then all of a sudden, I remembered that I had a 20 TL off gift card from a previous purchase which was about to expire. Voila! The cost of the hand towels came to a figure below what I would be willing to pay. A bit of patience sometimes goes a long way.

Using a list makes your buying choices a somewhat fun exercise too. How? You get creative. For instance, sometimes, I find things to re-purpose to serve a need and cross the related item off my list. Every penny saved now is a penny that might be badly needed in retirement.

 I am a big proponent of the quote: "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

Monday, January 29, 2018

Nobody puts T'pol in a Corner- Out With the Old, In With the New

You may recall the below scene:

Since I do not have hunky Patrick Swayze around, I had to stand up for myself.

I had summarized the application cost issue that I mentioned in my previous post and sent it to the new guy recommending to take smaller steps since it will end up being very costly.

Instead of thanking and saying "let's talk about it tomorrow. It does sound expensive but, I think we can justify that expense" or something like that, he chose to say:

"I cannot make you understand the urgency of this matter. Financial sector has been on the decline and we need all sorts of reports... blah blah... Your ex-boss must have hidden these facts from you etc." He also cc'ed the new CFO.

I took the CFO out and wrote to him:

"Your below comment was truly unnecessary especially with the CFO included. Besides ex-boss did not need to share with us anything. It was his boat, we merely worked for him".

My ex-boss is a very intelligent young man and he knew that doing what we do, it would not be possible to grow as a company. He needed to take risks which he was not willing to take. Therefore, he sold the company. SMART is written all over his story.

He responded by saying he did not mean to break my heart. So, obviously, he does not even realize that I am pissed, not heart broken.

This was strike 1 on his part and duly noted.

After all those due diligence work, these shmucks probably did not know what they were getting into.

Now I am changing my attitude. There have been issues pending due to cost reasons. Next week, I am inviting all subcontractors to provide quotes for whatever is necessary. I will bombard them with all these expenses and justify how important they are including the application. It will cost a ton of money and so be it.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Envy of Sisyphus- Out with the Old, In with the New

The new CEO is a bit too enthusiastic and energetic for the time being. He suggests something and when we tell him that it doesn't quiet work that way, he wants to try it anyhow and arrive at the same conclusion himself.

No problem! His time, his energy... Kind of like Sisyphus. I like him. He is always nice and smiling. Just a bit hyper, that's all.

The problem is, they have set out to change a lot of things all at once before understanding how everything works. They will lose more sleep than they intend to but, I guess, it is a part of learning.

For instance there is an application that we use to track sales and we chose to use it at a very basic level up until now. It is USD 25 per person per month and it works.

The new CEO comes from an international organization and he is used to the Enterprise edition of this application. The cost? USD 150 per person per month. In our case, only 7 people use it actively. If we decide to make it organization-wide, that will have to be USD 150x30 versus USD 25x7. Big difference... No?