Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Customer = Too Much Work

I was MIA for sometime. Well, there are some new stuff going on...

During the summer, business was slow and I was not bringing in any extra income to supplement my passive income. That was not a big problem because, my passive income covers my basic expenses and frugal budget. However, I need to save money for the future. So, 80% of the extra money goes towards savings in my book.

We just started consulting on a very big project and the customer wants us five days a week! That is a full-time job I was not looking forward to. Besides, usually we have to stay until 8-9 p.m. for meetings.  I need to cross either of the bridges to get to work and the morning traffic in Istanbul is plain crazy.

Today it took me an hour and a half for 25 Km or about 15 miles! So, I must get up very early. If I leave home by 6:30 a.m., I can get to work in about a half hour but going home late, sleeping very little and getting up early in the morning is a killer. When I made the conscious decision to leave a full time job, this is not what I had in mind.

However, I do not expect this to go on forever. I work with two other people on this Project and we are pretty much on very different pages. I like a direct approach and taking on responsibility and acting because I come from Operations and my colleagues are very conservative and they like to keep a distance and create lots of pretty much unnecessary outputs just to show that we are working. (!?) Typical Consultants, I must say... The guys who hired us had made it very clear that they needed our experience to steer the project on their behalf. This is not what we are doing thanks to my colleagues. So, I am assuming the guys who hired us will soon fire us. That will make me feel terrible but, if the owner of the company whom I work with wants to run his business the way he does, he may as well be my guest.

While we are working on this project, I will give it my 100%, tell my colleagues what I think is right but, I will not stress over this.

If we fail as miserably as I think we will, I will review my decision to work with these people. I will most probably;

Either look elsewhere
Try to figure out doing something by myself

However, in order to work alone, I will need some cushion in my savings so that I can do some business development. Hope, we can survive about 6 months or so...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

What am I? A tightwad, a miser? Or just plain frugal?

Today as I was folding laundry I noticed that one of my T-shirts had a hole under the arm.. The stitches came off and since it is a stretchy fabric, I cannot fix it properly. So, I decided that the T-shirt would be going to the rag pile for house cleaning. As I was walking to the balcony, I suddenly decided that the T-shirt was still good for exercising at home. After all, I am using a recumbent bike for all of 25-30 minutes 3-4 times a week and tossing the t-shirt and the shorts that I wear to laundry.

So, now, that T-shirt has become exercise clothing.

Do I need to wear a T-shirt with a hole? No... I have many other T-shirts to wear. Besides the nightgown I am currently wearing has a hole too. Nightgowns are coming out of my ears, I own so many of them and yet I stick to this raggedy one because it is oh.. so comfortable...

Why do I do this? Am I a miser?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Financial Update

With just 4 months to go before the end of the year, I have reviewed my financial status and things are not looking pretty.
I lost some of my savings because I needed to help a family member. I do not expect to see that money coming back. I do not resent this since, it was something that had to be done.

The friend I loaned some money last year told me that she would be paying me back in October, so that is a good thing.

The business was extremely slow during the three summer months but the months ahead look somewhat better.

I will not be able to meet my year end savings goal with a big probability but oh well...

I have enough so, that is a big blessing. I would have liked to save more though...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

20 pounds of delicious local tomatoes....

So, I went to the Farmer's Market today and got 20 pounds of tomatoes. I came home, scrubbed them really well and started processing them in my food processor. I put 3 soup ladles full into ziplock bags, flatten them out and freeze them.

After I process everything, I will see if I need some more. These are the last days of local tomatoes. Later on, they will become tasteless, sigh...

Anyway, I think I am ready for cooler days and soups. I haven't had a soup since....... late May?

OK, got to work now.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Order! Please!

If stuff falls on you when you open a cupboard, you know it is time to organize that place or else...
There is a small cabinet in the kitchen which insists to keep open due to overflowing aluminum foil, cling wrap, sandwhich and garbage bags. I know it is not really full but, rather lacking organization.

Besides, I truly don't know if I am out of something like baking paper or if I have many boxes of aluminum foil that I barely use nowadays.

So, tomorrow's mini organization project is to attack that cabinet with a vengeance...

I also intend to vacuum the whole house and wash the bathroom and the kitchen floors tomorrow. I have a dentist appointment in the afternoon so, may be that is a bit of a stretch for my lazy (for house chores) self.

I have completed my report for tomorrow. It still needs to be edited and worked on but at least now it is a presentable first draft.

Now on this peaceful Sunday night, I am going to watch Arrow and sip tea.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pantry for the Fall

As the Fall is approaching, I got into the "preparing for the winter" mode again. I took inventory of my pantry to see what I needed and went to shopping yesterday. I was out of many baking supplies but, I had that let go since I do not bake at all during the summer. So, I bought baking supplies, canned tuna, rice, spices and pasta along with some other necessities.

Next weekend I intend to go the Farmer's Market to buy local tomatoes. I process them and use them for soups, stews and pasta sauce all winter. I also saute bell peppers and tomatoes to make a simple egg dish. This year, I think I will make a home made pasta sauce to freeze as well. Last year I had frozen beans and I still have two packs in the freezer. I think, it is wiser to use dry beans during the winter. Besides, the fishing ban will be lifted September 1st and I intend to buy lots of fish in season at good prices and freeze them so, I need freezer space for the fish.

It is still to hot to get into the Fall mode but, something in my brain has already switched...

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Small lie...... but why?

A friend of mine has a hobby of designing jewelry. She is using nice semi-precious stones and mostly silver accessories. She gifted me really nice necklace a while ago. That was a nice gesture and I am thankful for my necklace.

A few weeks after she gifted me the necklace, she was visiting me with her 8 year old daughter. My friend stepped outside to take a phone call and I was preparing tea and cake while her daughter was with me in the kitchen. I pointed to my necklace and asked her if she remembered the necklace her mom made for me just for small talk. She immediately said: "She didn't make it. She bought it." I was surprised but didn't say anything or ask further questions. I just let the thing go.

I am still wondering why she told me she made it. I would be equally happy and thankful if she had told me she saw the necklace and decided to get it for me.

I mean we all tell white lies; even if I am not feeling well, I usually tell mom I'm OK, sometimes I do not want to socialize so, when someone calls me to have a night out, I may say that I am not feeling well to go out just to avoid insistence and such...

However is this lie similar to those white lies? Or is it kind of different?

It is not something that would come between me and my friend since she is a really nice and thoughtful person but I am just wondering, why?