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Friday, September 8, 2023

Getting Ready

I love to travel but, I do not like packing and unpacking at all. I am trying to pack the least amount of things possible.

I was going to start packing tomorrow but, I need to attend a funeral at noon so, I started today. A High School buddy of mine lost her mom and the service is not too far from where I live. It is not an unexpected loss but, still losing a parent is extremely hard.

As I age, the hardest part of packing has become my pills. I take 6 pills every day for, HBP, Vertigo and allergies. I also need to bring additional meds just in case. Gokceada is not a heavily populated and touristic place. It is one of the very few natural beauties we have left. There is just a small town center. No loud beach clubs or anything like that.  I also take my pulse-oximeter, my blood pressure monitor, a bunch of masks, a small first aid kit. Yes, a small bag just for health supplies.

It is getting chilly so, I think, I need to pack a sweater and a light jacket. Once, I go down to Antalya, it will probably be much warmer than Gokceada.

On Sunday, before I go to pick up my friend from the train station, I will change my sheets and put my comforter in a duvet cover. By the time I come back home, I am thinking, it will be pretty cool in Istanbul.

There is so much to do. 

Wishing everyone a relaxing and nice weekend.


  1. I've suffered from vertigo for over 25 years - just curious what medicine you take? I take a daily over the counter allergy med but I'm not sure it does much for my vertigo.

    1. Vertigo affects quality of life so badly. My issue is mechanical. My left carotid artery is crooked in one area quite untouchable so, it only does less than half of it's job. When not enough blood is delivered to the ear, the ear acts up. So, they are giving me a med that that helps circulation. The active ingredient is: Pentoxyphlline. It is also given to the elderly to deal with They have been able to diagnose it with an MRI. When I get an attack, I use a med which contains: Betahistine Dihydrochloride.