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Friday, September 29, 2023

In Ankara

My friend and I went for our vacation and came back to Ankara. We had a real good time. The island was beautiful with cool water, nice breeze and fresh air. I slept like a baby every single day.

The hotel at Gokceada Petrino, was wonderful. They have only 8 rooms in an old stone building. It was tastefully furnished and impeccably clean. The owners were attentive to every detail and were so welcoming. Definitely would go back.

Every morning we had fresh and breads and pastries, olives, cheese, a selection of homemade jams, tomatoes, cucumbers and eggs made to order. 

You will see a video of a crazy good surfer we saw at our favorite beach below.

After Gokceada, we went to Assos. More on that later.

Gokceada (Imbros) after sunset

Gift store Mostly Handmade Items

Petrino Hotel LOVELY!

Our Daily Breakfast 

Hope to post more pictures soon. I had a HBP attack for a few days after we came to Ankara. Still recovering. 

Nowadays, I am trying to get together with a bunch of friends and having a good time.

I will resume posting more frequently after I return home in Istanbul.


  1. LOVE your pictures! Thanks for sharing them! I always love to see pictures from other countries - I don't know if I'll ever get to Europe from the US, so that is why I'm always so excited to see pictures of far away places! Sounds like a great time with your girlfriend! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  2. Oh - and fell better soon!!

  3. Everything looks so lovely, relaxing and peaceful. You deserve it! Time by the ocean is so rejuvenating!

  4. Oh your vacation looks just wonderful. I know I would love that place - and what perfect windsurfing weather too!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.. Enjoy your time with your friends. Hugs your way.

  6. I think/hope I just fixed my commenting issue. Here I am, LOL. It sounds like a wonderful trip and the food looks good :)