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Monday, November 27, 2023

Just when thinking there is nothing happening...

On Sunday, I felt that my left arm was aching and there was also a tingling sensation. On top of that I was feeling as if something was squeezing my heart. For a while, I decided to ignore it but, then all sorts of weird thoughts started filling my mind.

SIS is retiring come next year. This means we will be able to see each other more, travel and have tons of fun. If I die due to a heart attack, that would be such a bummer. I will not know what the heck happened to me but, SIS will be heartbroken and sad. Also, there are so much I want to do. New songs to listen to, new destinations to travel to and all sorts of fun things to do.

Besides, I have been improving my health lately and I couldn't understand why I was feeling what I felt? 

Then I think, I started feeling a slight panic attack as well. 

I took a shower, packed a small backpack with a couple of underwear, nightgowns and my daily meds and drove to the ER. I was relieved when I checked in. After all, it is much safer to have a heart attack at a hospital right?

I reached out to a High School friend who lives 15 minutes from where I live. Gave her my sister's phone numbers just in case and promised to update her. She wanted to come to the hospital right away but, I stopped her before I learned what was going on. 

Anyhow, they gave me an EKG, took my BP and drew some blood. The doctor told me not to worry because the EKG was fine and my BP was lower than usual. Then, the blood tests came and the doctor assured me there was no indication that I could be having a heart problem. My CRP was elevated and he thinks may be I was having a slight infection but there was no need to do anything just yet. He also encouraged me to keep exercising.

I was relieved and came back home. 

I am still thinking of seeing a cardiologist soon. 

And I was thinking there was nothing new or interesting going on in my life. They say to be careful what we wish for. I think, we need to be careful about all our thoughts too.


  1. Better to be safe than sorry. I am glad you are ok, and that you got everything checked out. Seeing a cardiologist could not hurt I am sure.

  2. Wow, it sure sounds like maybe you were having a heart issue. What's scary is how often I have read articles or heard news stories about how women go to the ER with these symptoms and are told nothing is wrong, when there really is. I think it would be a good idea to follow up with a cardiologist.

  3. Hi Tpol. I am glad you are ok. I am the same here. I spend the whole summer dieting and getting my A1c down but for some reason I am not feeling 100%. I had complete check up when all the numbers were fine except I had a slight high lipase level which means I have an inflammation in the pancreas. The doctor said it might be the new medication I am taking for diabetes but I only took it for a month and stopped way before I took my blood test. Getting old is not fun. Hugs your way.

  4. Yikes! Glad it was nothing serious but as we age you never know what will crop up. Stay on top of your health is all I can say....

  5. Good that you went and got checked out! Other symptoms for a heart attack are jaw pain, nausea or vomiting, sweating, shortness of breath and a general feeling or unease or discomfort. Keep aspirin at the ready - after you call 911 you will probably be advised to chew or swallow an aspirin to help prevent blood clots.

  6. Oh my! I am so happy it was nothing serious. Take it easy for a while though.

  7. Gosh I'm glad everything turned out fine but I would still definitely make an appointment to see a cardiologist. If you're anything like me it'll play on your mind if you don't! Take care!

  8. It's always a good idea together symptoms like that checked out immediately. I'm glad it turned out ok, but perhaps still see a specialist to be sure. Be safe and get to enjoy the future with your sister.