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Thursday, July 19, 2018

I held a kitten!

I am an ailurophobe, deadly afraid of cats regardless of the cat being a Bengal Tiger or a small domestic kitten.

Recently, someone brought a small kitten to work and everybody started petting it and feeding it. Ehem... I meant her.

For some reason I felt like I wanted to touch and pet the kitten. I did that while other people held her last week.

People at work insisted that I should hold her even once to experience what a warm feeling that is. I had doubts about that but today, I held her! I could feel her little heart beating and she was warm and soft and for the first time, she meowed!

I am amazed at my courage. This by no means is a sign that I am not afraid of cats anymore. Their sudden movements still make me jump. But, I have also learnt that, cats do not scratch or bite people for no reason. That was today's lesson.


  1. I am beyond excited you did this! What a huge accomplishment. Kittens are amazing (but I'm a 'cat lady' so perhaps I'm a bit biased). Brilliant! xx

    1. I remember you had cats back in Canada. I love animals (more than humans these days) but, my phobia and my lifestyle makes it difficult for me to own one.

  2. Awww. good for you to try something that you are afraid of. I love cats. I miss my old cat. You would think I'd be afraid of dogs, as I was attacked and bitten by a dog when I was 5, but I never was.

  3. I am not afraid of cats, but I am very allergic. However, holding a kitten is a marvelous feeling as you found out. I am afraid of dogs in general and have allergic reactions, too. But, I do want a dog, a Border Collie. How do you feel about dogs?

    Do you know the genesis of your feelings about cats? I am not suggesting you can get over it, just really curious.

    The one time holding a kitten is frightening or painful is when a kitten has not been "gentled"--held by humans from birth. They hold on with claws out and it really hurts.